HP Z6100

In 2004, JPD really propelled itself into the world of cutting edge printing technology. When it came to speed, quality and consistency, the HPZ6100 was simply the best large format printer on the market. It was the first printer to work with millions of color combinations across a wide range of media. In addition, it was the first printer with a three-black ink set which allowed it to print the truest black on the market. JPD was then able to print museum quality images on a variety of media substrates.

printer_HP%Scitex FB500


The staff at JPD fondly nicknamed this printer Iron Man for its extraordinary capabilities. In 2013 JPD's expansion really exploded with the purchase of the HP Scitex 500 Industrial Printer. This printer offers enhanced speed and efficiency and, like the Flora, can print on almost any material with extraordinary ink adhesion and quality. Keeping in line with JPD's sustainability goals, this printer also uses Eco Solvent UV Inks. This is the latest and greatest technology in wide format printing. It allows JPD to do large jobs quickly and with the best quality on the market!


HP Scitex L850

JPD freshened up its inventory in 2011 by replacing the Vutek with new HP Scitex L850. This exciting new upgrade put JPD ahead of the printing industry with the ability to reduce carbon impact with Latex, eco-solvent inks. This printer prints outstanding prints on a wide variety of media up to 10 feet Wide and any length. From vinyls to carpet, this impressive machine can print large quantities... and fast!


Flora PP18166UV

Further putting JPD ahead of the competition, in 2013 JPD was one of the first to purchase a Flora Flatbed Hi-Resolution UV Digital Printer. The bed is 6'x10' and can print directly to any substrate up to 3 1/2" thick. The purchase of the Flora permitted JPD to reduce costs to its customers by printing direct to plate. With its outstanding speed and ability to print white ink, spot and varnish, this machine really has tremendous capabilities.



In 2007, JPD acquired the next generation large-format color printer with an exciting new capability…contour cutting technology! The Roland Soljet Pro not only delivers stunning and vibrant prints, but also the ability to contour cut around the edges of an image. Ideal for banners, signs, vehicle and fleet graphics, labels, decals, POP displays and so much more. This was a great addition to JPD's family of printers.

printer_Seal Laminator

Seal Laminator
Image 6000

The SEAL Laminator is a dual heat laminator with bi-directional capability. This robust machine will mount, laminate and encapsulate materials up to 61" wide and 1 ¬Ĺ" thick from both sides providing a lasting finish.


Digital Flatbed Cutter
DGS V-Pro X51630C

By purchasing a Digital Flatbed Cutter, JP Digital can now integrate their high qualitity printing with a faster finishing process, saving customers production time and costs. The Digital Fatbed Cutter specializes in cutting all common signs, visual communication and packing substrates such as: folding SBS boards, foamboard, corrugated cardboard, expanded PVC, styrene, structural honeycomb boards, self-adhesive vinyl, magnetic film, textiles and paper, along with many other materials. The consturction industry greatly benefits from the Digital Flatbed Cutter because it perfectly cuts felt and cork to allow for sound proofing with color and design in open office spaces.


CNC Router
DGS Tornado 2

The CNC router perfectly contour cuts, grooves and engraves all kinds of hard materials such as wood, acylic, PVC, aluminuum and much more. With a built in mist cooling system it allows for advanced cutting of cut out letters, carved and engraved signs, channel letters, Wood/MDF Furniture, molds for vacuum formed signs and POP Displays.